Women’s March Response to Trump’s Domestic ‘Gag’ Rule


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February 22, 2019


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New Order is Latest Attack on Reproductive Rights

Washington, DC -- In response to the Trump Administration’s new Title X funding rule - one that bans federal family planning funds from going to health providers who perform or refer patients for abortion services, including organizations like Planned Parenthood - the Women’s March issued the following statement:

“The Trump administration proves yet again the depth of its misogyny and cruelty, in a blatant attempt to restrict the choices women can make about our own bodies. We refuse to operate in constant reaction to Trump’s white nationalist and anti-woman agenda. Women are setting our own agenda, claiming our own choices.

“Under our Women’s Agenda policy platform, we support the EACH Woman Act, a bill that would repeal the Hyde amendment and block exactly this kind of attack on abortion rights. We all know who this rule will impact most: low-income women, primarily women of color. All people - regardless of income or race - should have access to safe, legal, affordable, and comprehensive reproductive healthcare, including birth control and abortion services, and we reject any efforts by federal, state, or local government to interfere with our right to choose, or to limit access to reproductive care covered by health insurance companies.

“We need more federal funding for abortion, not less. We need more access to reproductive health and justice, not less. We’re rising up and fighting for our rights. No gag order will stop us; it will only make us louder.


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