Women’s March Statement on Trump’s National Emergency Declaration


For Immediate Release:

February 15, 2019


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WASHINGTON, DC -- Following the recent declaration of national emergency to fund the border wall, Women’s March released this statement: 

"There is a national emergency: Donald Trump’s unconstitutional power grab. We just elected the most diverse Congress in U.S. history, with an unprecedented number of women. Trump, no longer able to get his way, is claiming wartime executive power to undermine the congressional women’s wave we voted into office.

“He has shown that the more power he has, the more harm he inflicts. By declaring a national emergency, he can and will escalate his attacks on the most vulnerable among us. Declaring a national emergency gives Trump the discretion to do whatever he wants: Order the military to round up immigrants and dissidents; block our First Amendment right to protest and engage in free speech; increase government surveillance; order the indefinite detention of people he claims are enemies of the nation. Anything is on the table.


“The nation is in crisis because of Trump. All members of Congress, especially those who recklessly validated his fear-mongering about border security, must rein him in now. Nothing less than our democracy is at stake.”

Firas Nasr