Accessibility Information 

There are two different ways to participate in the march in order to ensure everyone can participate. 

Full march

Individuals can participate in the full march, which is 0.5 miles. The disability community is encouraged to meet up at 13th St. NW and Pennsylvania Ave. NW in front of the Ronald Reagan Building.

Accessible van march

Individuals can get on accessible vans at the intersection of 14thand Pennsylvania Ave. NW. The vans will follow behind the march and individuals will be dropped off at the ADA tent.


Our organizing team is working hard to make sure that this march is inclusive of people with disabilities. Please email [email protected] if you have a specific request not addressed in the information below, and we will work to make sure that it is fulfilled.

  • An ADA seating section will be located directly in front of the stage and will be open to those who require it. Entrance to the ADA seating section is at 14thand Pennsylvania NW. Seating is limited and will be first come, first serve.

  • All volunteers will be trained to provide general support for folks with disabilities. We will also have a specific volunteer crew to support participants with disabilities and give directional information. These volunteers will be wearing orange arm bands and orange stickers reading "Accessibility."

  • American Sign Language (ASL) interpretation will be provided on the stage, and picture-in-picture and CART in English will be available on the jumbotrons South of the reflecting pool. Audio description will also be provided via head set by Metropolitan Washington Ear. There will be a limited supply of headsets that individuals can borrow at the ADA tent. 

  • An ADA tent will have smell sensitivity masks, a generator dedicated to recharging chairs, emergency blankets, audio description headsets, water, snacks, and other support items available.

  • ADA vans will pick up passengers on the corner of 10th and PA Ave NW if you are coming in by bus and at the corner of 13th and F if you are taking the metro (near Metro Center). After the rally, the ADA vans will drop folks off at the ADA parking area and the Metro Center metro stop (which has a functioning elevator).

  • Every area where porta-potties are located will also have ADA accessible porta-potties.

  • Additional accessible porta-potties will be provided in the ADA section.