It’s Time for White Women to Vote Out White Supremacy

“For some white women, the 2016 election was a long-overdue wake up call. A majority of white women — 53 percent — voted for an openly racist, sexist candidate. After generations of denial, Trump’s support by millions of women was an election-game changer that exposed the deep connection between white womanhood and white supremacy.”

How Trump is dehumanizing Latinos

“The racism and white nationalism that has been drawn to the surface by — and indeed, defines — the Trump administration truly exists everywhere. But so do we. And women must challenge it wherever it exists, from the highest seat of power to local policies and decision-making.”

This is what voter suppression looks like, and here's how you can stop it

“Hundreds of thousands of voters have been removed from the rolls in Georgia; 107,000 were removed simply because they had not voted in the past three years—essentially disenfranchising anyone who didn't vote in the 2016 presidential election.”