1/18: The Women’s March Puts its Power to Work with ‘Women’s Agenda’ Platform of Policies


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January 18, 2019


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The Women’s March is Bringing the Full Weight of its Influence to the Halls of Power, Lobbying for Change

WASHINGTON, DC -- Ahead of their third Women’s March on Washington tomorrow, this morning, leaders of the Women’s March unveiled their comprehensive federal policy platform: the Women’s Agenda 

Over the course of two years, the Women’s March has steadily been building its power, organizing large-scale marches and mobilizations in 2017 and 2018, full-throatedly fighting back against the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court, and bringing #PowerToThePolls in the November midterm elections. Now with a record breaking number of women in Congress and an integrated network of grassroots advocates, policy experts, and women leaders, the Women’s March is wielding its power to influence federal policy and bring change for those who need it the most. 

The Women’s Agenda lays out the priorities of the organization for the next two years and serves as a roadmap for the work ahead.The platform includes: passing the Equal Rights Amendment, universal healthcare/Medicare for All, investing in independent living and autonomy for women with disabilities, expanding the Violence Against Women Act to include Native women, democracy reforms that include voting rights and campaign finance reform, the decriminalization of sex work, passing the Equality Act, reducing racial health disparities in maternal health, and repealing the Hyde Amendment. The full Women’s Agenda can be found here:womensmarch.com/agenda   

“The Women's Agenda was created with the input of over 50 women from diverse communities, who work on different issues, and represents a unified declaration of what the women's movement wants to see in 2019 and beyond,” said Carmen Perez-Jordan of Women’s March. “It's the first intersectional feminist federal policy platform to cover so many issues. This is a natural evolution from our 2017 Unity Principles, which were created by 24 women movement leaders, and we are proud of the participatory process that centers the voices of women from directly impacted communities.”

“Healthcare is a human right. Freedom from violence is a human right. The most hurt and broken people will see a new future in our policy agenda,” said Nina Turner, President of Our Revolution. “The Women’s Agenda will center people in dire need of health care, disenfranchised voters, women of color, queer and trans communities, and so many more people for whom the daily struggle to survive makes imagining a new future impossible. We cannot wait another day. While our government is shut down, SNAP recipients, federal workers — people who rely on a functioning government — are struggling more than ever. We need action today, and that starts here and now. It’s past time for the country to listen to women. We wrote our own agenda. We expect Congress to follow it. No excuses.”

The 2019 Women’s March - happening tomorrow, Saturday, January 19 -  will be a mass mobilization, or “Women’s Wave,” to commemorate the 2017 Women’s March and demand concrete policy changes listed in the Women’s Agenda. Almost 300 sister marches are taking place around the country with dozens scheduled around the globe. Dozens of movement leaders and policy experts, convened by Women’s March, crafted this visionary new federal policy platform for the women’s movement, and will remain engaged in its implementation over the next two years.


See more information on the marches here: https://actionnetwork.org/event_campaigns/third-annual-womens-march-womenswave


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