1/18: Women’s March Announces Women’s Agenda Lobby Day Ahead of 2019 #WomensWave March on DC


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January 15, 2019


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Women’s March and Center for Popular Democracy Action & Others to Push Medicare for All, Unveil Full Women’s Agenda Policy Platform This Friday, 1/18

WASHINGTON, DC -- The morning of their release of the bold Women’s Agenda policy platform on January 18 - and ahead of the third Women’s March on Washington on January 19 - the Women’s March is partnering with the Center for Popular Democracy (CPD), Social Security Works, and National Nurses United to push for a key policy agenda item: Medicare for All.

The lobby day on Capitol Hill will demand that legislators support the Medicare for All bills to be introduced by Congresswoman Pramila Jayapal and Senator Bernie Sanders, as well as 22 other urgent policies that make up the Women’s Agenda.

“Women’s March brought our #PowerToThePolls this past November, electing a historically diverse Congress. Now we’re bringing our Women’s Agenda and organizing power to the halls of Congress,” said Winnie Wong of the 2019 Women’s March Steering Committee. “When women don’t have access to affordable health care, whole communities suffer. Roughly 30 million Americans are uninsured, and tens of millions more lack enough coverage to afford their healthcare costs — particularly women. This is just one of several dozen policies created by women and for all people that make up the Women’s Agenda. ”

"The grassroots energy over the past two years has brought us to a point where the people have the opportunity to set an agenda,” said Jennifer Epps-Addison, Network President and Co-Executive Director of the Center for Popular Democracy Action. “With the most diverse Congress in history, we can turn our momentum into policy to improve the lives of all people in this country. We support Medicare for All because it ensures that all people can access the care that they need to thrive."

What: Press Conference to unveil Women’s March Women’s Agenda alongside “Medicare for All”  Women’s March/CPD Lobby Day for the Women’s Agenda

Who: Many of the women leaders who crafted the Women’s Agenda along with hundreds of women activists from all over the country coming to DC to help unveil the crowd-sourced policy platform and to lobby their Members of Congress to support Medicare for All.

When and Where: January 18, 2019

11:00 am: Women’s Agenda Press Conference

  • Location TBA

11:30 am - 4:30 pm

Visuals: Hundreds of women and allies from all over the country, lobbying their Members in the halls of Congress with signs, banners, and material on Medicare for all

The 2019 Women’s March on Washington will be held on January 19. Over 200 sister marches are taking place around the country, with dozens more taking place around the globe. 

See more information on the marches here.

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 The 2019 Women’s March will be a mass mobilization to demand concrete policy changes, grounded in the soon-to-be-released Women’s Policy Agenda. More than 70 movement leaders and policy experts, convened by Women’s March, are hard at work crafting a visionary new federal policy platform for the women’s movement, known as the Women’s Agenda, that will be unveiled this week.

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