(March 11-15): Women’s March Youth Empower Announces Enough! Youth Week of Action


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February 21, 2019


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Schools across the nation join Women’s March Youth Empower to End Gun Violence.

New York, NY -- Today, Women’s March Youth Empower announced their plan for the 1st Anniversary of the #ENOUGH National School walkouts, which will take place on March 14. Last year, Youth Empower spearheaded the historic #ENOUGH National School Walkouts that mobilized nearly 1.6 million students to take action against gun violence. This action was the largest distributed single-day protest in history.

In the past year, over 35,000 people lost their lives to gun violence because politicians have chosen to value the gun lobby over children’s lives. Every day, 47 children and teens fall victim to gun violence (Source: Brady Campaign). Young people — especially Black and Brown youth — are disproportionately impacted by gun violence. On the anniversary of the #ENOUGH walkouts, Youth Empower is holding anEnough! Youth Week of Action (March 11-15), organizing creative actions to be displayed and performed throughout the week, culminating in youth-led town halls centered around gun violence on the afternoon of March 14 in communities across the country.

This year, Youth Empower is partnering with Peace First to provide mini-grants to young organizers.

"Peace First is excited to partner with Youth Empower to invest in young people’s ideas to solve community problems,” said Fish Stark, Peace First’s Youth Activation Manager. “The only way to show young leaders you have their back is to invest in them.”

This year’s Enough! Youth Week of Action aims to:

  1. Activate youth to engage in 2,500 actions across the country including creative actions and town halls.

  2. Provide youth with access to the tools needed to drive change for the future.

  3. Empower youth to lead on the issues that impact them most.

To conclude the week of action, Youth Empower is partnering with the Youth Climate Strike US on strike actions organized by youth across the country on March 15.

“We will not stand idly by while decisions are made that impact our lives and the lives of future generations. With gun violence ravaging disadvantaged communities and traumatizing families across the country, we refuse be complicit. We’re going to speak out against the gun violence epidemic, and we aren’t stopping anytime soon,” said Luis Hernandez, (16), 2018 #ENOUGH walkout organizer, Executive Director at Youth Over Guns, member of the Women’s March Youth Empower 2019 Cohort.

“Last week, Trump declared an unconstitutional and fabricated national emergency,” said Tabitha St. Bernard-Jacobs, Women’s March Director of Community Engagement. “The truth of the matter is that there is no shortage of real national emergencies facing our country. One of them is staring young people straight in the face: gun violence. These creative actions and town halls empower youth to self-organize and raise their voices against all forms of gun violence, including police brutality and the militarization of law enforcement.”  

For more information on the Enough! Youth Week of Action, visit womensmarch.org/youth.  


Women's March Youth Empower aims to empower youth to realize their power in enacting change in their communities and nationally. Led by 16 young organizers ages 14-23, Youth Empower centers the voices of youth nationally. From Youth Ambassador programs to webinars and historic walkouts, Youth Empower engages youth from many cross-sections nationally.  (Instagram: @womensmarchyouth, Twitter:@womensmarchy)

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