Women’s March Statement on the State of the Union Speech


For Immediate Release:

February 5, 2019


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Washington, DC -- In response to the State of the Union speech, Women’s March released this statement:

“From Day One of his campaign, Trump has shown us that he has no problem lying to the American people.

He lied about migrant caravans, lied about the tax breaks he’s given to his billionaire friends, lied about sexually assaulting numerous women, lied about his finances and deep connections to Russia, and lied about so much more. His pathetic attempt to take credit for women’s work and the #WomensWave that swept Congress, and his proposal to ban “late-term” abortion are yet another desperate attempt to claim control over women’s lives.

“Tonight, Trump laid out his agenda. We will not stop until we replace it with one of our own: an agenda by women and for the people. The clock is ticking to 2020 - women are ready, we are watching and we won’t back down.”


Firas Nasr