Marcie Wells


Marcie Wells is the Interim Director of Women’s March Las Vegas. As a volunteer for Women’s March she is an activist and ally for all marginalized communities, and is committed to altering social norms in favor of uplifting the entire human family. In 2018, as a proud member, shop steward and contract negotiation committee member, she helped secure a 5 year contract for herself and her co-workers after coming close to having to go on strike. This hard-won contract included pay raises, excellent health insurance and, for the first time, specific language on protecting employees from sexual harassment. Marcie studied Human Services Counseling with a minor in Marriage and Family Therapy at UNLV, where she began to see the true nature of suffering in America coupled with the limitations of our mental healthcare system. Over the course of 2018, she was blessed with an opportunity to be of service and receive free training from the country’s foremost experts. Women’s March was the clear forerunner on human rights and progressive legislation for Marcie based on the intersectional ideals and opportunity to show up and do work. This vast network of women and femmes has been trained to fight bigotry, discrimination and injustice. They have also become her chosen family and she looks forward to working towards making the 2019 Women’s Agenda a reality.

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